• Voluntary Benefits: Employee and Employer Advantages

    Voluntary benefits, also known as worksite benefits, are the perfect way for employers to provide employees with a complete benefit package. As healthcare costs have continued to rise year after year, so has the demand for these additional benefits. Voluntary benefits allow employers to offer an attractive benefits package to employees without any additional cost […]

  • Webinar: Using Care Coordination to Reduce Healthcare Costs

    In this webinar: Problem: Our healthcare delivery system is confusing and healthcare consumers are left on their own to navigate the system with minimal resources and tools Research shows 50% of people are confused, 24% of services are duplicated, and 61% of people self -refer and get it wrong…all of which leads to additional unnecessary […]

  • Free Webinar: Telemedicine – Convenient Care, Anywhere

    Going to the doctor can be timely and costly. From having to miss work and drive to the doctor’s office to sitting in the waiting room for up to an hour waiting to see a doctor – there has to better way. Technology has allowed for telemedicine to grow at a rapid pace and allows […]

  • Upcoming Webinar : Healthcare Innovation

    Wouldn’t you like to deliver some good news to your employees this renewal? How about saving time, money, and offering a better healthcare experience? Imagine how that would impact your productivity and retention! What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how you can give your employees the power to be smart healthcare consumers. When it’s easy and […]

  • HR Resources at Your Fingertips

    Tired of spending countless hours googling the latest policies and news on insurance, compliance, HR, and wellness? Not only can certain documents be tough to find, but the validity of the information found is always in question. Faison Group offers its clients access to a personalized website to click, connect, and communicate with HR peers […]

  • Free Webinar – Consumerism in Healthcare

    Tired of being dictated to by the health insurance system? Wish you had a good answer when employees ask why it can’t be easier? What you’ll learn: How to gain some control over the system and make using healthcare an easy, positive experience for your people. Did you know: Only 7% of employees know the […]

  • Telemedicine Can Save Your Vacation

    Pack up your shoes, socks, shirts, pants… oh and don’t forget your phone (your telemedicine device)! Vacation should be a time of fun and joy, and you have enough things to worry about between catching your flight, finding a hotel, and planning your trip itinerary, without even thinking about how a common ailment could really […]

  • The Pros and Cons of Telemedicine

    As technology continues to evolve and make our lives easier and more convenient, we keep getting more and more things right at our fingertips. The latest trend in technology and healthcare brings the doctor’s office to you via video, email, and smartphones. This electronic exchange of health information from on site to another – telemedicine […]

  • Free Webinar – Using Ultimate Health as a Retention Tool and Differentiator

    Attracting and retaining top talent is a major priority for most businesses, especially members of the executive staff. Executive benefits are designed to provide your top employees with a higher level of benefits and compensation. These benefits can be designed to provide tax advantage for both employers and employees and get company decision -makers back […]

  • Adding Wellness to Your Benefits

    If you haven’t already, it may be time to consider adding a wellness program into your benefit offerings. According to a study by Go365, engaged member’s health claims costs were 10% lower by year 3. So, not only can wellness solutions create happier and healthier employees, but they can improve your company’s bottom line by […]