What a Consultative Broker Can Do For You

The best brokers can assist you by being an educational resource and strategic advisor that can offer you with Human Resources support. A consultative broker strives to be a strategic partner for your business, learning about your challenges and needs, and how he or she can support you with a variety of resources and services. So what can a broker like Faison Group do for you?

Educational resource – We can help you understand complicated, changing mandates that dictate health care reform compliance and more!

Strategic advisor – We can help you with health risk management, wellness programs, and more!

HR support – We can provide access to employee newsletters and benefit announcements, as well as sample documents and expert advice for crafting policies, forms, benefits summary statements, handbooks, and more!

We’d love to offer you all our services, and are willing to give you access to our resource portal to assist you with all of your HR needs! If you would like to get started with this complimentary access, please Contact Us!

Upcoming Webinar : Healthcare Innovation

Wouldn’t you like to deliver some good news to your employees this renewal? How about saving time, money, and offering a better healthcare experience? Imagine how that would impact your productivity and retention!

What you’ll learn:

You’ll learn how you can give your employees the power to be smart healthcare consumers. When it’s easy and positive, they’ll appreciate healthcare as a benefit again!

Did you know:

  • Last year savvy employers cut their healthcare spend by a combined $1.2 billion
  • A 10% premium increase equals an average $56 per employee per month added expense
  • Employee elected turnover is over 21% in the United States today
  • Deductibles have risen over 250% on average since 2005

Sign up for our Healthcare Innovation webinar and learn how you can offset medical renewal increases without cutting benefits!