• Are you losing confidence in Zenefits?

    We are. Now that Parker Conrad has stepped down from his position as CEO of the massive technology startup Zenefits, many group health insurance clients are left asking “what’s next?” If Zenefits is your broker, you may be feeling a little unsettled about the way you were sold your group health insurance and other benefits. […]

  • ACA Deadlines Have Been Extended

    The ACA reporting requirements for 2015 have been delayed for paper and electronic filers. Under ACA requirements, large employers with more than 50 full time employees or equivalents must file IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS. The forms must also be distributed to employees containing the detailed health insurance coverage for each month […]

  • How the average employee sees health insurance

    Like most employees, I chose my health insurance plan based on just a few things – the premium, the co-pays and the deductible. I didn’t research to find out if my primary care doctor was on my plan. I didn’t research what would happen if I broke my arm. I just expected that if I […]