Other Individual Insurance Plans

If you currently have an Original Medicare plan, you may incur several costs associated with copayments and deductibles. These costs can start to add up quickly and you may be considering one of the following:

  • Medicare Supplemental Insurance (once called Medigap Plans)
  • Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Supplemental Insurance offers various benefit levels that will fill in the gaps of Original Medicare coverage. There are some limitations to this coverage and understanding exactly what you are receiving is important in making this impactful decision.

Medicare Advantage Plan benefits can change from carrier to carrier and to be eligible you must first already be enrolled in both parts of Original Medicare (A and B). Knowing which one is right for you can save you a lot in unexpected medical costs.

Faison Group has the extensive knowledge you are looking for in determining if a Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan is right for you.

Elderly woman looking at her x-ray results with a doctor