Professional Employer Organizations

If you’re thinking about employee leasing through a professional employer organization (PEO), it’s important to partner with a company that fits in with your human resources needs. From compliance to benefits, employee leasing solutions can make growing and managing your business affordable and easy. A common choice for small and mid-sized businesses, employee leasing can help take care of the administrative side of managing employees, including: PEO Businessman looking at the camera with other employees talking in the back

  • Administering payroll and managing payroll taxes
  • Offering affordable health insurance and other benefits to your employees
  • Handling HR challenges like unemployment claims
  • Managing risk by taking care of all worker’s compensation liabilities
  • Providing training opportunities
  • Much more

Employee leasing through a professional employer organization can be an affordable alternative to employing a full-time human resources professional and trying to manage all of these matters internally. In most instances, leased employees will have access to a wider range of coverage and benefits when they decide to partner with a professional employer organization. Faison Group can help you identify the right employee leasing company and negotiate affordable rates on your behalf using our partnerships with ADP, Co-Advantage, Oasis, Progressive Employer Management Company, and more!