• Free Webinar: Getting Money Back with Partially Self-Funded Insurance

    With prices rising year after year, employers are seeking the latest and most innovative solutions to manage their healthcare costs. Self-funded health plans can provide customization, control, and cost savings. For employers looking for a bit more certainty in monthly budgeting, partially self-funded insurance is a self-funding option that helps put predictability back into the […]

  • Pros and Cons of Partially Self-Funded Insurance

    Employers looking to cut costs are moving away from fully insured plans and moving towards self-funded plans that can offer greater flexibility. With self-funding, the company is responsible for funding claims payments, but the employer experiences fluctuating expenses by paying the claims as they come in. For companies looking to add predictability back into the […]

  • Save Money this Renewal Season with Self-Funding

    With so many regulatory changes and cost increases year after year, sifting through each and every plan combination to pick the perfect fit for your company can become a daunting task. When renewal season comes around, most employers are seeking the same thing – cost savings. One of the big decisions a company must determine […]