Adding Wellness to Your Benefits

If you haven’t already, it may be time to consider adding a wellness program into your benefit offerings. According to a study by Go365, engaged member’s health claims costs were 10% lower by year 3. So, not only can wellness solutions create happier and healthier employees, but they can improve your company’s bottom line by lowering healthcare costs moving forward.

What exactly is a wellness program?

Wellness programs are given to employees as a preventive measure to help avoid chronic illness and improve the general health of employees. Typical benefits include stress management, smoking cessation, onsite flu shots, biometric screening, and health fairs.

What are the benefits?

  • Employee health is good for everybody – A healthy workforce is in the company’s best interests. Less doctor’s visits, less sick days, more productivity!
  • Boosts morale – Physically and mentally healthy employees can help create a culture of wellness and boost morale to create positive attitudes throughout
  • Better ROI – Health programs can produce savings from medical costs and absenteeism-related costs
  • Gets employees together- Building a healthy culture can support teamwork and collaboration through healthy challenges or simply by talking about it around the office

Which program is right for me?

Much like the needs of employee’s, the needs of employers can vary based on what they are looking for. Discussing your needs and goals with a wellness solutions broker can help you take the first steps towards getting the right wellness program into your organization. Companies like WeAreWellness have had a lot of success partnering up with wellness vendors to provide the right solution for companies across different industries.

Ultimately, a corporate wellness program can become a retention tool and reduce healthcare costs when its time for open enrollment again. A healthy workforce is an engaged workforce!