• Employees Prefer Benefits Over More Pay

    If you are looking to hire new, qualified employees or intend on keeping your current workers happy, the latest studies show that a total compensation package including benefits can have a greater effect than higher pay. According to the American Institute of CPAs 2018 Employee Benefit Report, workers would choose a job with benefits over […]

  • The Human Resources Tools You Need to Make Your Life Easier

    Our HR Resource Portal, which provides all the tools to help you relieve administrative burden and stay up to date on the latest legislative deadlines is getting even better! We previously shared some of the offering our HR resource portal has to offer, and the toolbox now has even more resources to help you fulfill […]

  • Is Your Business Ready to Respond to IRS Notices?

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been sending out letters to employees that have not complied with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting requirements. With the IRS sending notices to employers, and enforcement of these penalties set to continue through 2018 and beyond, it is important to understand what penalties can be assessed and why. […]

  • Preparing for Open Enrollment

    Open enrollment is the perfect time to plan for benefits changes that can positively impact you and your employees for the upcoming year. Below are some tips on preparing for open enrollment that will help make it as seamless as possible. Open Enrollment Terms to Know Deductible: The amount you pay for covered health care […]

  • (Webinar) Cyber Safety: A Benefit Program That Will Make A Difference

    Being safe and secure online touches every aspect of our lives every day . As an employer, show how seriously you care about the digital well-being of your employee’s children by providing Garfield’s Cyber Safety Adventures lessons. Children’s cyber safety is a real health risk. Learn about benefit Plans & programs devoted to the digital health and […]

  • Are Your Compliance Documents Up to Date?

    Record-keeping and updating all required documents to meet changing regulations can be confusing and cumbersome for human resources professionals. There are countless rules and regulations for employee benefit plans, many of which are complex. It is, however, important to keep all your compliance documents up to date. Failure to comply with certain regulation or provide […]

  • Attract and Retain Employees with Strong Benefits

    Employers are finding it more and more difficult to attract and retain employees recently. This is a result of unemployment rates dropping and the number of job openings rising. While a good salary has always been a positive start towards helping fill open positions, more and more employees are becoming interested in complementary strong benefits […]

  • Are You Using Your HSA Wisely?

    Health Savings Accounts (HSA) continue to grow in popularity. These HSAs are tax-advantaged savings accounts that can be used for your health care expenses. Paired with a high deductible health insurance plan, an HSA can help provide some security for your health care costs and limit out-of-pocket expenses. HSA Advantages Tax benefits in an HSA […]

  • computer and mouse

    The HR Resources You Need, All In One Place

    Keeping up with compliance deadlines, risk management, new hires, and other administrative tasks in your organization can become cumbersome for human resources professionals. At Faison Group, we strive ourselves in streamlining your insurance and HR needs, and we provide all our clients with an easy to use, 24/7, self-service portal with access to all the […]

  • Webinar: How Paychex Flex Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

    Paychex Flex offers a fully scalable solution to fit the needs of any size organization. In this webinar, we will discuss the challenges of human capital management and journey through the Paychex Flex platform to provide a solution for the many common challenges HR professionals are facing today. In this Webinar we’ll cover the following […]