How to Save Money on Your Next Healthcare Renewal

We understand different plans are right for different groups. We have come across two unique solutions that can help you save money on your next healthcare renewal and get your claims trend below 2%. These solutions, Reference Based Pricing and Care Coordination, are perfect for mid-market groups sized 100-2000+.

PPO Networks Lack Transparency – Change the Game with a Cost-Plus Approach

Cost-Plus Reference-Based Pricing offers employees a smart alternative to the typical PPO plans in a world where the average mark-up for hospital goods and services is 300-2000%. We believe health plans should be purchased in the same manner as goods and services. This approach delivers the transparency you need to make educated decisions when choosing a plan.

You could save up to $1500/ employee in 1st year.

Care Coordination – Reduce Claims Costs

The goals of coordinated care are to improve health outcomes by ensuring that care from disparate providers is not delivered in silos, and to help reduce health care costs by eliminating redundant tests and procedures. With care coordination, we create a new, more compassionate world of healthcare in which your employees will thrive – one in which care coordinators stick with members, build trust, and provide independent, accurate guidance that educates, alleviates confusion, and cuts wasteful spending.

With backgrounds in hospitality, and working side-by-side with a team of nurses, case managers, utilization management experts, health coaches, and disease management specialists, all available in real-time, care coordinators — or as we like to call them, “healthcare warriors” — oversee all aspects of patient advocacy and benefits delivery, including conversations with patients to:

  • Discuss claims
  • Get referrals
  • Ask about prescriptions
  • Make treatment decisions based on estimated costs
  • Quote benefits
  • Advocate for claims resolution
  • Confirm members are using in-network or top tier providers
  • Learn about wellness incentives
  • Ask about lifestyle programs

You could save up to $1300/employee in 1st year.


If you are interested in reviewing your healthcare claims costs and getting on the right track for years to come, give us a call and we’d be glad to offer our services and give you a detailed presentation on these solutions.