Can Telemedicine Save You Time and Money?

According to a study by the University of California Davis, telemedicine can produce over $100 in travel time cost savings. These savings can go beyond solely travel, and employees/ employers alike can reap the benefits of online doctor’s visits. A telemedicine visit can reduce wait times to minutes that would generally take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, and are typically about half the cost of a regular doctor’s visits. This sounds good for employees, so how does it help employers? This can all be done without ever leaving your desk, thus lowering the amount of time it takes for your employees to get the treatment they need and get them back in the office working to their full capability!

In reference to the telemedicine study, James Marcin, chief of the UC Davis Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine said in a statement, “Our findings confirm the benefits of telemedicine in terms of real savings to patients and to the environment. Because telemedicine is cheaper and more convenient for patients in remote areas, they are more likely to seek medical care. Many patients do not have the time or resources to access health care many miles from home.”

Marcin goes on to say that he believes telemedicine should not only be looked at as a means of saving health care system money, but to improve patient care.

Most people find it difficult to access quality healthcare. Whether they live in a rural area with long travel times or can’t take the time off work, telemedicine provides the perfect opportunity to get quick, quality care. Doctor’s can be accessed through email, phone, or video conferencing to get every patient the care they need and deserve.

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