ACA Remains in Place – Replacement Bill Withdrawn

It didn’t take long after President Trump was inaugurated to begin the repeal and replace process of the Affordable Care Act. The new plan was expected to have a major impact for HSA’s and was intended to minimize the ACA’s economic and regulatory burdens. The plan was also intended to give states more flexibility and control to create a free and open health care market.

On March 24, 2017 Republican leadership withdrew the American Health Care Act after not being able to secure enough votes to approve the legislation. Thus, the ACA will remain in place at this time, and employers do not need to make any changes to their practices.

What’s Next?
Employers should continue to comply with all ACA provisions. President Trump has stated that he will shift his focus at this time towards other issues. However, Congress can still choose to pursue their own ACA repeal and replacement in the future.

For more information regarding the withdrawal of the replacement bill and what the American Health Care Act would have provided, click here .