Unlimited Dental Coverage is Here!

As implants are becoming a common treatment for preserving bone structure and replacing unhealthy teeth, the traditional annual max amounts that usually apply to dental insurance are falling short of the market needs. One major health insurance carrier is now offering an extended annual max to help meet this market trend. Members in essence will be saving 50% off billed charges for all services after their annual benefits are used (in-network). Oral surgery will also be covered as a basic service under this new dental plan.

Group health insurance can be supplemented with this new group dental insurance with minimal increases to overall premiums. In addition the same carrier has reduced overall rates by 25% to make dental coverage more affordable for businesses. This national health insurance carrier is also offering a two-year rate guarantee on plans written in 2016.

There are three ways you can offer group dental insurance to your employees:

  1. Offer group dental insurance without subsidizing premiums at all, allowing employees to elect coverage and pay for the insurance themselves.
  2. Offer group dental insurance with a partial subsidy, where you, the employer, pays a portion of the premium.
  3. Offer group dental insurance that is fully paid by you, the employer.