Successful We are HR Software Webinar

Faison Group had its first We are HR Software Webinar yesterday and it was a complete success! The demonstration took participants through our free HR software platform. Features include benefits administration and enrollment, ready-to-go employee communications, an online employee bulletin board, holiday and event notices, HR forms management and much more.

Employees can log into the software from anywhere, anytime of the day. Information is secure with a unique login and password and administrators can be set to access this sensitive information if needed. Informational notices can be posted on the portal for employee access at any point.

One the most useful features for employees besides the online benefits enrollment features are the links to paystubs, 401K plans, wellness plans and any other sites they may need to visit throughout their employment. It eliminates the number of repetitive questions the HR department receives on a daily basis.

When you make Faison Group your benefits broker, you can have access to the full HR software with all of the reporting and benefits enrollment and administration features it has to offer. If you are not a customer of Faison Group, you can have the lite HR software version for free. Learn more about the two versions by clicking here .