• Why choose a PEO (Professional Employer Organization)?

    First you might be asking yourself what is a PEO? Also known as a Professional Employer Organization or Professional Employment Organization, a PEO is a service that allows employers to outsource their human resources tasks. The top reasons your company might choose a PEO is for payroll administration, employee benefits (especially health insurance), workers’ compensation […]

  • Faison Group made preferred partner by ADP TotalSource

    Faison Group has become one of only two preferred ADP TotalSource Providers in South Florida. We have always brokered ADP’s Workforce Now product, but are proud to partner with ADP to offer even more to our customers. ADP TotalSource human capital management services handle HR administration and employee benefits while you focus on building your […]

  • Why a local insurance broker is a better broker.

    If you’ve been considering a move to Zenefits, you may want to ask yourself what you expect from your insurance broker. Are you looking for a trusted advisor that provides a high level of service that can help you choose employee benefits that make sense for your business? Are you looking for individualized claim support, […]

  • Double Digit Increases are Expected in 2016

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has reformed the rating practices of health insurance carriers in the individual and small group markets by limiting the factors that can affect premium rates. So what does that mean for your small group health insurance premiums? Most likely double digit increases. Small businesses with employee populations that are mostly […]

  • Using Technology for HR Communications

    In today’s society, technology is just part of the landscape. It permeates almost every aspect of life, from communication with family, friends and colleagues to managing life’s daily activities such as banking and counting calories. Still, there a significant number of small businesses using the old fashioned way of communicating with their employees – printing […]

  • 6 Tips for Getting Through Renewal

    It’s group health insurance renewal time and we know what that means… busy season! Here are some tips on how to get through this benefits renewal stress-free. 1. Start early. To make the most of your benefits renewal, you should start getting everything you need together as far in advance as possible. Contact your health […]

  • What role can technology play in group health insurance renewal?

    With the shift from full-coverage health plans to high deductible group health plans, the need for making well-informed decisions as an employee is more important than ever. One-on-one meetings may not be an option for your business, so how do you make sure all of the information you want to communicate is readily available? The […]

  • Renewal Date November or December? You Should Be Renewing Now

    Most businesses moved their health benefit renewal dates to the fourth quarter in 2013 to avoid price increases coinciding with legislative changes to the Affordable Care Act. The result is an overwhelming number of accounts renewing their group health insurance and employee benefits at the same time. Health insurance carriers are inundated with phone calls, […]

  • The 5 Reasons You Might Choose Level Funding

    Level funding isn’t for every group health insurance plan, but if it works for your business, it could mean a substantial savings in health care costs. With increases expected in 2016 and beyond, switching to this model might stand to save you not only this benefits renewal season, but for years to come. 1. You […]

  • 10 Things Your Benefits Broker Should Be Doing

    In the world of small business health insurance, there are many different players – group health insurance providers, agents, brokers, carrier representatives – the list goes on. So what services does the benefits broker offer? Many would say the answer was that the broker is there to provide insurance quotes and help you make a […]