What role can technology play in group health insurance renewal?

With the shift from full-coverage health plans to high deductible group health plans, the need for making well-informed decisions as an employee is more important than ever. One-on-one meetings may not be an option for your business, so how do you make sure all of the information you want to communicate is readily available? The answer is technology.

With an HR software, you can easily make sure employees are seeing all of the information needed to make the right decisions for themselves and their dependents. The most sought after feature for your online benefits enrollment software is the ability to add in decision-support tools, such as a frequently asked questions section or an area for customized information to help further explain your group health insurance plans. Remember that many employees will benefit from examples. By making connections to real-life situations, it will help them understand exactly how their insurance can work for them. The right HR software can also serve as a place to link outside sources that can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the benefits that are being offered.

HR software can also make benefits elections more convenient and less time consuming. With an online benefits enrollment platform, employees will have 24-hour access to plan summary information as well as payroll deductions, allowing them to make decisions when they have time. This is especially important for businesses running on varying shift schedules.

Also keep in mind that most of our daily tasks, whether they are for work or in our personal lives, are now done online. Why would benefits enrollment be any different? The days of lengthy contracts and paperwork are over. The days of convenience and shortened attention spans are upon us. So whether your employees are more traditional or tech savvy, they’ll appreciate the inclusion of HR software in their health insurance and other benefits enrollment processes.