WEBINAR: COVID-19 Dashboard

In this COVID Webinar:


A live demonstration on how Paycor is providing HR leaders with the technology and expertise to help them prepare, respond and recover. The demonstration will highlight how Paycor Analytics and HR Support Center can offer the data and resources HR leaders need to mitigate risk and reshape business strategy.

The decisions your company makes today will be felt far into the future. Let’s get it right. Leaders need real time data and insights into the COVID-19 crisis. You also need expert HR Advice. And you need a single source of truth for how tax and compliance legislation affect your business. You need it all, and you need it instantly.

Paycor’s COVID-19 Command Center grounds your decision-making in real time data that you can manipulate and customize according to the needs of your business. For 30 years, Paycor has been listening to and partnering with SMB leaders, so we know what you need: real time data, actionable insights, expert HR Counsel and guidance.

  • Prepare with real time insights
  • Plan with actionable data
  • Respond with the help of HR experts
  • Recover quickly by playing the long game now.

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