Traditional vs. Technology-backed Brokers

Are your benefits the best they can be?

Traditionally, insurance brokers have only focused on offering insurance guidance, which includes tasks like quoting plans, negotiating renewals, comparing plans and submitting applications. Over the past few years, though, health care reform has shaken the industry. As health care costs continue to rise and more regulatory requirements are placed on employers, the need for a broker who can engage employees and leverage technology to streamline administrative tasks has increased

That’s where Faison Group can help. Faison Group gives you the expert guidance that makes the benefits selection, implementation and analysis process smoother, plus we’re technology-backed and can offer you our HR online tool, HRconnection®, to make the benefits administration process more efficient.

Is your current broker a trusted advisor who can offer expert help and technology to help make benefits administration easier? If not, it’s time to take a look at what you’re getting. With traditional brokers, you won’t receive the benefits support, employee communications, and personalized service that Faison Group can provide.

The following chart compares what Faison Group can offer compared to traditional brokers…

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