Overcoming Common Payroll Issues

Even with top of the line payroll services and software, common payroll problems exist that need to be addressed and fixed. While modern technology can make human resources, payroll, and employee data less cumbersome, poor organization and limited technological capability can hinder payroll processes in the long run. So, what are some of the most common payroll problems that HR professionals are running into?

1. Manual Error

Many companies are shuffling through a ton of paperwork with manual payroll systems that put them at great risk for human error. Payroll solutions can be implemented to integrate with a company’s software to streamline manual processes into automated.

2. Organizational Problems

Poor management of employee records and other important documents can make proper payroll management a difficult task. An effective payroll system can help eliminate paper files and make it easier to organize records along with uniform filing processes. Setting this up can take some assistance from a payroll expert, but is well worth the investment.

3. Vacation Tracking

Tracking employees who are in and out of the office can be difficult enough without having to worry about vacation and sick days. Factoring in paid time off can cause issues in correctly tracking all your employees’ information. Digital timekeeping systems, on the other hand, can easily eliminate any problems caused by timecards and ease your payroll management process.

Whether you’ve faced any of these common payroll issues or have dealt with a number of other ones like onboarding/offboarding, regulation changes, or general benefits administration, we can help provide added guidance to your HR department with ADP123 . If you’re looking for help with our current payroll systems or looking to get started with a new one, we’ll guide you through the process to make payroll problems a thing of the past.