How Telemedicine Can Provide Affordable Care for Everyone

With cameras becoming ubiquitous among smartphones, computers, and tablets, consumers are beginning to utilize telemedicine and remote care options. Unlike traditional doctor’s visits, telemedicine has grown to include a variety of applications and services using two-way video, email, wireless tools, and other technological tools to get a better look at patients. Telemedicine even allows doctors to consult with each other electronically to get valuable information for diagnosis and treatments.

What are Telemedicine’s biggest benefits?

  • Improved Access – No geographic restrictions
  • Cost Efficiency – Shared staffing, reduced travel times, fewer hospital stays
  • Improved Quality – Quality consistently as good as traditional visits, with some specialties providing greater outcomes and patient satisfaction
  • Patient Demand – Consumers want reduced travel times and greater availability

Telemedicine Can Save Time and Money

Traditional doctor’s visits can be time-consuming and expensive, with long and inconvenient wait times. Let’s consider John, who works in a rural area and doesn’t have the convenience of having a doctor to visit in his immediate area. If John comes down with an ailment like a cold, ear infection, sore throat, allergic reaction, or any other common illness, a trip to the doctor could prove to be difficult and costly. Most nonemergency issues can cost around $100 at a doctor’s office, $160 at an urgent care clinic or $750 at an emergency room, but using telemedicine can bring these costs down to about $45. In addition to these costs, John would lose valuable time with his long drive and then end up waiting to see a doctor, which could take up more than half of his day. Alternatively, John uses telemedicine to call a clinician and get a diagnosis and treatment from work or the comfort of his own home. Getting treatment remotely has allowed John to get the medicine and consultation he needed without missing work or driving a long haul.

Telemedicine Outlook

In the Global Telemedicine Market Outlook study conducted by ResearchandMarkets, the telemedicine market is expected to reach USD 40.9 Billion by 2021, up from an estimated USD 17.9 Billion in 2015. The surge in health related technologies and increased technological savviness among consumers makes telemedicine a viable option for people in remote areas, or are simply too busy to spend an entire day in the doctor’s office for something as common as a cough. Employers can get telemedicine as an easy extension of health insurance.

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