HR Compliance Made Easy: Webinar with TASC May 5th!

On May 5 th , we will be hosting a free webinar with our partners at TASC to cover the most recent HR compliance topics. The webinar will cover HR compliance issues such as ERISA compliance and ACA compliance. Possible pitfalls and common mistakes will be made apparent to prevent companies from becoming non-compliant and will help participants apply this knowledge.

TASC, our premier partner for compliance solutions, is a third party administrator that provides innovative solutions for all types of HR compliance, including Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting, which is at the top of most employers lists these days. TASC’s ACA Reporting service takes you through all of the steps in ACA compliance, starting by identifying if your company is an applicable large employer (or ALE) and if your health insurance coverage is affordable and meets minimum value requirements.

With their ACA service, TASC provides a monthly spreadsheet that makes recording easy and manageable by even the least experienced in HR compliance. In addition, completing the spreadsheet on a month-to-month basis allows you to avoid the end of year rush.

Overall the TASC ACA service provides:

  • ALE determination
  • Plan assessment for affordability and minimum value requirements
  • Hour tracking for variable employees
  • Health insurance coverage information compilation
  • IRS Form completion, filing and distribution

ACA compliance is one of the hottest topics in HR compliance in recent months. To ensure you’re prepared, contact your broker to find out what your company is required to do and how they can help you with the responsibilities. In the meantime, please register for our complimentary webinar by our partners at TASC: Compliance Made Easy.