Make compliance easy with TASC

Faison Group is proud to announce a new partnership with TASC to offer some of the lowest prices for HR compliance in the industry. Bundles that can cover all of your HR compliance needs are available, including ACA reporting, ERISA reporting, HIPAA reporting, FMLA reporting, FSA reporting and COBRA compliance. You can pick and choose which HR compliance services you need to outsource and bundled pricing can make these services very affordable. TASC has over 35 years of expertise and stands by its superior customer service and innovative technology and solutions. As an HR professional, the difficulty in following every change coming from Healthcare Reform is paramount. Understanding the legislative regulations and mandates are overwhelming to say the least. Outsourcing is a good option for your company if your HR team doesn’t have the knowledge, time or resources for compliance.

Here are some common questions we have received while clients are deciding if HR compliance outsourcing is right for them:

When should you outsource HR compliance?

When you have limited knowledge of compliance laws and the intricate requirements and procedures of complying properly with ERISA, HIPAA, FMLA, FSA or COBRA requirements.

When you have limited time and resources to spend on compliance and filing paperwork.

When you are behind on compliance and need to get caught up, even if you suspect you will owe penalties.

Is outsourcing HR compliance risky?

No. Outsourcing compliance to professionals can actually lower your risk of potential penalties and violations. Most HR professionals are not trained to the degree needed to become experts at compliance.

Is outsourcing HR compliance expensive?

The price of compliance will always be less expensive than the price of the penalties and fines your company may face in the case of non-compliance. Depending on the size of the company and what services are needed, compliance services can be very affordable, especially when bundled.