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Completing your employee benefits package with supplemental insurance options such as group accident insurance, critical illness plans, medical gap insurance and cancer insurance is an easy way to attract and retain talented employees in your industry. If your business has a unique group of individuals with a wide range of medical coverage needs, indemnity plans may take the place of your traditional group health insurance plan. Faison Group will assist you in identifying which plans are affordable and appropriate for your group.

  • Group Accident Insurance

    Accidental injuries can lead to some unexpected out of pocket costs and medical expenses. Accident insurance can cover such costs as hospital stays, medical exams, transportation costs and much more. Faison Group can help guide you in finding the right policy for you and your employees.

  • Critical Illness Plans

    Critical illness plans can provide lump-sum, tax-free payments when a policyholder suffers from a specific, pre-identified critical illness. Access to group insurance plans such as these is usually offered through an employer. Not all illnesses are covered and some restrictions apply; let our experts at Faison Group help you identify the best critical illness plans for your specific employee group.

  • Medical Gap Insurance

    Most group health insurance plans will only cover a portion of overall medical expenses. Supplementing your benefits plan with medical gap insurance can help your employees pay high deductibles. This type of insurance is usually paired with group health insurance and can act a complimentary insurance to the benefits already being offered. Faison Group can help you evaluate if medical gap insurance is needed by your group.

  • Cancer Insurance

    Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year. In fact, one out of two men and one out of three women will be affected by cancer before they retire. Not only can the disease itself hurt, the medical costs of treatment can be astronomical. You can help your employees protect themselves from these costs by offering access to group cancer insurance.

    Supplemental cancer insurance can help you manage the costs of treatment, preserve your savings and let you concentrate on getting better, not paying medical bills. Many cancer insurance companies offer this coverage and Faison Group can help you analyze which company and plan are appropriate for your group.

  • Indemnity Plans

    You or your employees may have a wide range of medical needs that don’t fit into a specified network. With an indemnity plan, you can see whichever doctors or specialists you’d like, without being referred beforehand. The indemnity plan pays a set portion of your total charges. Indemnity insurance plans serve as an alternative to regular group health insurance plans.

    If your group is looking for the highest level of freedom in choosing medical care providers, an indemnity plan may be right for your business. Faison Group can help you determine the affordability and viability of this alternative.

  • Insured Healthcare Reimbursement for Select Employees

    These employer-paid plans will enable your leaders to get back to 100% healthcare coverage with a distinctive plan that delivers white-glove service and caters to their unique needs. At the same time, your company will gain a solution to protect your leaders’ health at home and while traveling. Plus, you’ll now have a tax-efficient reward that delivers more value than a comparable bonus. Read more about insured healthcare reimbursment. This is not local, state or federal tax advice as each person and company is unique. It is recommended that you seek the independent counsel of a professional tax advisor.