3 Common HRIS Problems You Should be Tackling

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), top HR technology trends include a focus on social tools, education, and compliance. New Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) can help both big and small businesses take care of many activities including those related to human resources, accounting, management, and payroll. When implemented correctly, HRIS can increase efficiency, productivity, and result in higher quality services offered. Many times, however, the problems can arise during the implementation process or if implementation is not done correctly.

Configuring for Optimal Function

Many HRIS systems come equipped with a lot of possible features and tools, which can quickly overwhelm companies – leaving them with only the basics. The basics are okay when first getting used to the system, but companies are ultimately leaving a lot of valuable information and processes off the table. This could prevent companies from achieving maximum ROI. It is always a good idea to bring in implementation experts to help configure the system and set you up for maximum productivity. We recommend the experts at weareHR .

Communication and Exchange of Data

It is critical that data can be easily and clearly exchanged within the HRIS system. Remaining compliant is a huge concern for companies, as noncompliance can result in hefty fines When implementing an HRIS, it is important to have your HR and payroll systems communicate with one another to ensure guidelines are followed along with payroll accuracy and timeliness.

Assessing Quality and Accuracy of Information

A system is only as good as the data it contains. Information should be entered accurately to achieve the greatest return from the systems. Checking the accuracy and quality of information can sometimes be a struggle for companies just getting started with new systems. HRIS analysts can be available to help overcome these important challenges.

While getting a new payroll system or HRIS can be an exciting move in the right direction, it is important that the implementation process is completed correctly to achieve maximum results. Our partners at weareHR can help with many of your human resources needs along with optimization of payroll processes!