• Tax Reform Bill Passed – Individual Mandate Penalty Eliminated in 2019

    The highly talked about tax reform bill, called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, was passed on December 20, 2017 in the Senate and House of Representatives and is expected to be signed into law by President Trump shortly. The bill brings important changes to the federal tax code, with one of the major changes […]

  • The Power of Voluntary Benefits

    The Power of Voluntary Benefits As healthcare costs continue to increase, so has the value of voluntary benefits. Employees benefit because they have a variety of insurance and other program options conveniently available in one place, and employers expand their voluntary benefits to compensate for employees’ increasing healthcare costs. Types of Voluntary benefits Traditional voluntary […]

  • 10 Ways to Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

    Healthcare costs are on the rise year after year, so now is the time for consumers to act and become health literate to reduce healthcare costs. Much like we shop around for food, clothing, or a new car, we can shop around and ask questions to consider all health benefits options that could save us […]

  • What a Consultative Broker Can Do For You

    The best brokers can assist you by being an educational resource and strategic advisor that can offer you with Human Resources support. A consultative broker strives to be a strategic partner for your business, learning about your challenges and needs, and how he or she can support you with a variety of resources and services. […]

  • Upcoming Webinar : Healthcare Innovation

    Wouldn’t you like to deliver some good news to your employees this renewal? How about saving time, money, and offering a better healthcare experience? Imagine how that would impact your productivity and retention! What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how you can give your employees the power to be smart healthcare consumers. When it’s easy and […]

  • HR Resources at Your Fingertips

    Tired of spending countless hours googling the latest policies and news on insurance, compliance, HR, and wellness? Not only can certain documents be tough to find, but the validity of the information found is always in question. Faison Group offers its clients access to a personalized website to click, connect, and communicate with HR peers […]

  • Reliable Sources for Compliance and HR Support

    The difficulties of keeping up with changing government regulations, especially in the current environment of massive healthcare changes that affect business and individuals alike, are numerous. Keeping up with these changes presents big concerns and a burden to HR departments as gathering the correct information can be time-consuming and tedious. Misinformation and confusion are not […]

  • Free Webinar – Consumerism in Healthcare

    Tired of being dictated to by the health insurance system? Wish you had a good answer when employees ask why it can’t be easier? What you’ll learn: How to gain some control over the system and make using healthcare an easy, positive experience for your people. Did you know: Only 7% of employees know the […]

  • Maximizing Employee Benefits

    In the complicated world of benefits, communication plays a vital role between employers and employees in offering a robust benefits package that truly works. Many employees do not fully understand the extent of their benefits or how to use them, but by providing these employees with access to educational materials that explain the complex world […]

  • Telemedicine Can Save Your Vacation

    Pack up your shoes, socks, shirts, pants… oh and don’t forget your phone (your telemedicine device)! Vacation should be a time of fun and joy, and you have enough things to worry about between catching your flight, finding a hotel, and planning your trip itinerary, without even thinking about how a common ailment could really […]